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Aluminum Window Repair

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A home without windows would look gloomy and enclosed. Thanks a lot to them, sunlight and air can get inside the home, and you get to see the views and hear sounds outside. Windows fill our homes with light, warmness, and exposure to air.

These are just like any other significant operational elements in your house they can last a long period however they do need consistent upkeep. A rapid visual check can support your windows carry on to work at best performance however an examination might correspondingly disclose slight repair needs to extend the durability. A repaired window supports to save money expended on poor energy efficacy. It likewise raises the resale value and looks of your house and most prominently it improves security and gives you a harmony of mind.

Repairing Aluminum Windows

If you are living in an HDB flat, you must ensure your windows are well-kept. Windows that are not maintained well can risk dropping off, extremely hurting bystanders below. It is suggested that you must keep checks on your windows once every six months.

If you have aluminum sliding windows, continually check to see if the whole window panel slides easily. An issue usually faced is that the window panel does not side easily on track. This might be because of the broken or dislocated rollers caused by deterioration. The safety plug at the upper frame might likewise be wobbly or lost.

What you can do to fix the issue is to make tighter any wobbly track bolts with a screwdriver. On the other hand, you can involve a window contractor registered with HDB to do the following:

Fix or change the roller if it is broken
Change misplaced or corroded bolts with fresh stainless steel bolts
Change wobbly or rusted bolts with fresh stainless steel bolts
You might similarly bump into slackened rubber gaskets, broken glass, or have window panes that cannot slide easily. These are likewise usual issues faced with aluminum windows, and you can apply similar solutions.

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Our Aluminum Window

Aluminum is one of the greatest extensively used frame styles for commercial applications and can be used very well for residential purposes too. Our aluminum windows can be used for numerous light residential applications. With their commercial assessments, they can be used in great rises reliant on breeze loads or in your home too. Perfect for new construction or as a whole window replacement for flats, institutes, residential houses, office buildings, and a lot more. If you are considering what kind of aluminum window installation you must move onward with, our windows are a perfect choice.

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We are a certified window repair service provider providing high-quality window repair services and upkeep. We are dedicated to giving all our clients a sensible and reasonable price for all slight or major repairs. Call us at +65 64328495 for a phone meeting and let us assist you to save money whenever window repair is needed.