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Window Handle Repair & Replacement

Window Repair Singapore

Window Handle Repair & Replacement

A window in need of reparation can be the felon behind numerous problems, comprising great energy bills and water penetration. Let our specialists deal with the issue; no reparation is too minor or too big for us to deal with. Whether a border or windowsill is decayed, glass is broken, the screen is smashed, the handle is broken, windows are not protected correctly, hardware is damaged, or you require a complete replacement, our crew of skilled experts can do it fast and make it right quickly.

It just needs one call to Affordable Window Repair Singapore to solve your repair issues. Our skilled repair specialists reach in a corporation van that is supplied with the necessary tools and parts to competently handle window repair. We will give a proficient, harmless, and consistent service.

Window Handle Repair & Replacement

How is it possible to open the windows if there is no handle? Handles are very vital to open the windows. With such significance devoted to window handles, it becomes extremely suggested to keep them handy. Over time and because of the consistent use, plus unintentional and cautious destruction, window handles can become weakened, and become less operational, and consequently less safe. It might be enticing to solely replace the entire window, however, that is not at all times essential, as well as the charge of a simple replacement handle might be all you require.

It is significant to discover just what kind of handle your window has because this will define the kind of replacement you require. It is correspondingly a great idea to make a note of which part of the window handle is broken or not working fine, because this will define which part needs to get replaced. We are here to assist you with any kind of service you might require to get your handles either fixed or changed completely.

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Window handles

There are mostly two kinds of window handles. They are:

  1.  Espagnolette handles
  2.  Cockspur handles 

These are fixed by 4-5 bolts that attach to the opening of the window. These handles are typically found in some timber windows and ancient glassy uPVC windows.

At all times be artistic and considerate in selecting handles for your windows. Not all kinds of handles will suit all kinds of windows. Steel windows need dissimilar styles of handles however timber windows would need unalike styles.

Call the Specialists to Fix a Damaged window

Repairing a damaged window can be hard to do on your own. Gentle tools can be a problem for even the most skilled person. At Affordable Window Repair Singapore, we supply an extensive variety of replacement window handles, as well as we have years of experience when it comes to giving you excellent service and guidance. Our crew will be happy to show you just which products will be greatest appropriate for your requirements, plus we will give our best to find the greatest appropriate replacements for older handles. So no matter where you are in the state or what services and products you require, the Affordable Window Repair Singapore crew is here to assist.