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Window Latch Repair & Replacement

Window Repair Singapore

Window Latch Repair & Replacement

The window latch plays a significant role in securing a window. When we want to lock a window, we can’t lock it until the latch is engaged fully. The closing and locking of the latch assist you in tightening the window and helps to boost up the energy efficiency level of your window. Other than this, the latch makes the home airtight so that the conditioned air does not get the chance to escape out or air will be negatively affected by the exterior air at different levels of temperature. If you are facing issues in engaging your latch properly, then it is very important for you to replace or repair your window locks as soon as possible and for this thing Affordable Window Repair Singapore is available for you in Singapore that gives the 24/7 latching repair and replacement services to you. We fit all types of window latches for uPVC, wood, aluminum, and metal. When your window latches fails to work than it normal works, then in this case Affordable Window Repair Singapore Company will recommend you to change the window latches. You can call us from your home to schedule a check-up of the damaged window latch. We give you fast and reliable services due to which you won’t feel any hassle.

Repairing Aluminum Windows

Quality Services

  • We make sure that your windows must hold a strong latch so that a unknown person cannot get a chance to break a window so that they can enter the house. So it can be said that it also fulfils the safety needs of our clients. Through our window latch repair services, we prove that we offer one of the best repair or replacement services of your window locks in the whole country. Moreover, our window latches come with the amazing quality that stays longer but still we give a 1-year warranty on it.


  • At Affordable Window Repair Singapore, you can get the services opening the window latches and its repair which works out to be a far more cost-effective option.

Qualified Repairers

Our locksmith team will go through an inspection of the whole window latch system to identify the issue. You can expect somewhere from a simple repair job to a total replacement of the lock system. They have the tools and the skills to do it, so no need to worry. All our lock experts have invested most of their years in handling all kinds of locks including windows latches. They have got the proper skills training to become professionals in their line of work. They can fix any kind of window latch issue whether it’s on a glass or wooden window. If there is talk about the tools, our professional has the best tools that they can use to fic your window latch issue. We have been a trusted company for years. Our quality service is guaranteed because we have a professional team that can fix any of your window latches in Singapore.

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Window Latches Issues That We Handle

If your window latches are going through the following issues then call Affordable Window Repair Singapore to handle.

  • Facing issue in lifting the handle or turning the latch to lock the window
  • The latch is broken
  • The latch is jammed as it is not moving properly
  • The latch does not turn fully

If you want excellent window latch repair and replacement services then simply call Affordable Window Repair Singapore.

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We are a certified window repair service provider providing high-quality window repair services and upkeep. We are dedicated to giving all our clients a sensible and reasonable price for all slight or major repairs. Call us at +65 64328495 for a phone meeting and let us assist you to save money whenever window repair is needed.