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Window Lock Repair & Replacement

Window Repair Singapore

Window Lock Repair & Replacement

Windows are the eyes of your house. Vibrant and well-kept windows make our home look livelier and aid us to relish the views and fresh air. Though, to relish these benefits, one has to be a responsible homeowner regarding the preservation and maintenance of the Windows.

Windows that are unstable, weak, or with defective/damaged hardware can be a reason for massive safety risk due to likely glass crushing and even falling off by accident.


Window lock repair

Locks are the greatest significant part of not just your windows however all other fittings on your furniture. Window locks are significant as windows block the entrance or intruding of unidentified and unwanted individuals. In every home, windows are vital to give us fresh air and light. Though, because of continuous exposure to the weather factor, it is merely normal that the windows in our home will weaken over time because of wear and tear. Therefore consistent maintenance of windows is essential to make sure the security of people.

Maintenance of Window Locks

  • Check for the kind of material that the lock is made out of. The resilience of the lock will depend on the kind of material it is made up of. Steel is usually strong and tough and therefore more chosen. Security and Protection are the greatest vital in selecting the kind of lock system. Make sure whether the lock is well-matched with your window. Window locks come in all forms and sizes. There are options accessible for the correct type of lock that will work on the window and likewise the correct way to secure them carefully.

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When to check your windows?

As a homeowner or tenant, you are liable for the maintenance of the windows in your home. Or else, a window might drop and become the reason for severe injury. You must check your windows at least one time every 6 months.

Instant action is important for window safety. The instant you get to know that your windows are at risk of falling, you must take protective measures to secure them. Afterward, involve Affordable Window Repair Singapore to replace/ repair the windows.


Summing up

Your home is most valuable to you. Looking after it and maintaining it must at all times be your priority. Safeguarding the security of the community and environment along with the security of your home, at all times, makes a tension-free and enjoyable living for every single homeowner.

For repairs, replacements for your windows, the professionals at Affordable Window Repair Singapore are just a call away. No matter, if you are viewing for a simple window repair for your HDB window or need to get your window up to HDB standard, we are here for your assistance.


All our lock specialists have experience in doing all sorts of lock jobs comprising windows lock. They have had the expertise to become specialists in their line of work. They can fix any sort of window lock. Affordable Window Repair Singapore is a reliable company. Our quality service is guaranteed since we have an expert crew that can fix any windows lock in Singapore. The service can be done rapidly too which means you will not feel any disturbance.